We are facilitators - Providing introductions to people and companies in our networks where there is a mutually beneficial relationship to explore.

We are talent experts - Knowing where to find the best talent is the key to what we do. We use a combination of good old-fashioned networking, bespoke AI resourcing technology, all managed by highly experienced recruitment consultants.

We are consultants - We take the time to assess your needs and offer bespoke solutions to help you achieve your goals.

We learn about your business - We take the time to understand ultimately how your organisation makes money currently, how it will make money, what your technology does, and what sets it apart.

We are problem solvers - Our raison d'être is to solve your resourcing problems. The more problematic and complex the issue, the more we enjoy helping.

Clean Energy


How do you take an idea and turn it into a $billion business?

There are many different answers to this question but all of them consist of one fundamental element, having the right people in your CleanTech business. It is only with the right people that you can successfully attract the right investment, develop a working prototype / pilot plant, commercialise your offering and scale production.

At each of these stages you will need different skill sets in your business, we understand the stages you will be going through and can tailor our approach to suit. NSTR Renewables has at its core, people with experience of working with clean energy technology companies that have gone from a university incubator to global organisations with $100m’s in revenue. 

What are the common recruitment mistakes for a startup / scaleup within renewable energy?

An over or under reliance on contract staff - contractor staff can be vital to facilitate growth but if you have too many and you are open to a lot of knowledge and experience leaving the business. Conversely, a reluctance to embrace consultants can see you limiting your talent pool, for example, the cost of a mid-level permanent hire could afford you a highly seasoned professional on a part-time basis, often the latter option proves better value.

Assuming that people will join just because you are a startup/scaleup in CleanTech  - we see this a lot, for many candidates the dream role is a startup environment with the certainty and packages of a large organisation. Not many businesses can offer this so you need to create a compelling proposition to the market that is different from your pitch to investors.

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